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A reconhecida equipa de esports Fnatic adquiriu recentemente a empresa sueca Func Inc. e lançou-se assim no mercado dos periféricos para o sector gaming. A Fnatic procura assim aproximar-se ainda mais dos seus fãs.

Para isso, resolveram iniciar uma campanha de crowdfounding no Indiegogo onde mostram alguns dos produtos que irão estar disponíveis numa primeira fase. Consegue perceber-se que os produtos mantêm algumas características da antiga marca Func.


Wait… How did Fnatic learn how to make hardware?
We started by getting our hands on virtually every other brand’s product we could. We particularly loved a lot of things about one company’s products. Func Inc was a peripheral manufacture in Sweden. While we loved the design language and build quality of Func’s old products, we didn’t feel any of products were quite right for Esports aside from their KB-460 Keyboard. We were truly impressed with the design and attention to detail we saw from the guys at Func and knew we wanted to work with them. A few talks, and months later, we officially added Func Inc’s team, based out in Sweden, to Fnatic to create Fnatic Gear.
What did the process of product development look like?
We decided to scrap the rest of Func’s product designs and start developing everything else from scratch.
We spent months with our players giving feedback on what they wanted in Esports gear. It was an long long long long long process. We spent a ton of time in Asia, evaluating factory partners, working with them to build initial prototypes, testing materials, and countless hours testing and validating our products designs.
Only now, we truly feel we are ready to bring forth the FLICK, RUSH, FOCUS, and BOOST to the community.

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