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O universo dos drones está cada vez mais repleto de soluções, sobretudo no que toca ao fantástico mundo do Drone Racing. Amanhã dia 27 a DJI prometeu anunciar os seus novos produtos onde já se fala de um novo pequeno drone chamado MAVIC para competir com o recentemente lançado KARMA da GoPro.

O Lilireviews descobriu uma parte do site da DJI já em funcionamento pronto para lançamento de amanhã um produto chamado SNAIL – “Snail is the professional racing propulsion system by DJI, specially designed for racing games”

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The Snail is a drone racing optimized propulsion system created to give racers the winning edge.It is fine tuned and precision engineered by DJI propulsion experts to bring new levels of powerand maneuverability to the races.


The Snail 5048S Tri-Blade racing propeller has been extensively optimized for forward flight, unlike traditional propulsion systems that are designed for hovering. In wind tunnel tests it creates more thrust with less drag and uses less power than propellers with the same maximum thrust range.


The Snail 430-R ESC uses unique control algorithms to reduce Loop 800 response times by 21% compared to many products on the market. It makes racing aircraft more agile and more adept at sudden maneuvers including sharp turns and hard braking. Loop 800 is a measure of the time it takes a propulsion system to increase thrust from 100g to 800g and then decelerate to 400g. It is used to measure the responsiveness of a propulsion system.Snail surprises you the moment it starts.


Combined with the 5048S Tri-Blade Propeller, the Snail 2305 Motor delivers an incredible 1.32kg of thrust, 15% more than the market average. As light weight is critical to racing drones, yet they have to endure frequent collisions, extensive simulations and flight tests have been carried out to make the Snail 2305 Motor stronger while keeping weight to a slim 27.8g.


A high performance 32-bit 100MHz MCU and unique race optimized control algorithms are found inside the Snail 430-R ESC, allowing it to outperform similar products in both response and efficiency. Its ultra-compact hardware design allows it to sustain a continuous current as high as 30A, from a form that is just 3.6cm. It can be further fine tuned to meet racer needs using the ESC Programmer and DJI Assistant 2.

*Oneshot125 Support

Snail46000rpm (7 pole-pairs) Max


The Snail series includes a number of propellers, optimized for everything from racing to 3D flying to aerial imaging. All Snail propellers feature a new quick release propeller(except for 6048-3D ) – a first for racing drones. Swap propellers in seconds, without tools, because in a race every second counts. Every propeller’s hub structure has been fully tested for strength so racers can fly with confidence. There is also a standard hub version of the 5048S Tri-Blade propeller, the 5048, that can fit on other motors.”


Vamos ver o que mais a DJI preparou para o dia de amanhã para além do SNAIL e do MAVIC

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